Argentine citrus to the World

San Francisco Cooperative was founded on April 27th, 2002 by the joint effort of several agricultural producers from San Francisco Colony, Monte Caseros Department. It was established with the purpose of making the regional production enter the international market. The main characteristic of the production units of our members is that they are divided into 30 to 100- hectare orchards- a system acquired from the European colonization at the beginning of the 20th century- totalizing 2,500-hectare fertile lands apt for the citric cultivation of temperate climate. Nowadays, most of the orchard farms are administered by family enterprises owned by European immigrants with a 100-year trajectory and history in this place. The cooperative organizes small producers by guiding them into making all the necessary adjustments, by pooling the harvest and by concentrating the packaging and marketing of the whole production in just one entity. The good work of San Francisco Cooperative is reflected in our large high-quality production which can perfectly meet the requirements of the most demanding markets and cater for all tastes.