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Most of our orchards are in Monte Caseros Department and in some areas in Curuzú Cuatiá Department, Paso de los Libres Department, and on the river banks of Uruguay River. Most of the citrus surface area of our country is concentrated in this area. The Argentinean Littoral has about 90,000 hectares of citric and it is in Monte Caseros Department, Corrientes, where the biggest surface is found with the 55% (17,000 hectares of the total 31,000 hectares existing ones.) In recent years, the production of Corrientes has risen by 23,5% positioning the province among the most thriving provinces in Argentina. Corrientes has sandy red soil and its subtropical climate is optimum for the plantation of citrus as the average temperature is superior to 21ºC, whereas in winter it is about 10ºC. The annual precipitation is approximately 1,500 millimeters and another important fact is that dry seasons and frosts are rare in this region.

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