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Concentrated Juice

Through the process of extraction and concentration, citrus juices are produced without losing their qualities and without additives, being then frozen at low temperatures to preserve its natural properties, mainly the content of vitamin C. When these juices are reconstituted juice retains its original flavor and quality.

Industrial Stage

With the aim of making progress in the value chain, and as a need to leverage fruit that is not adequate in terms of quality for fresh fruit markets, the cooperative society decided to go forward with the construction of a concentrated juice and essential oil production plant. The new plant is located in Colonia San Francisco, Monte Caseros, Corrientes, Argentina, just meters from the packing plant, at the hub of an excellent quality citrus production region, mainly due to the flavour, colour and high juice content of its fruit.


This factory is fitted with the latest machinery technology for efficient extraction process and citrus. The machinery installed and development are mostly of national origin and modern design places it as a model plant in the region. The processing capacity is 8 tons of fruit per hour. The cooperative produces citrus juice concentrates, mainly orange and mandarin at 65 ° Brix, frozen at -18 ° C, bound for export and domestic market. Besides lemon and grapefruit juices will be offered. As a byproduct in a first stage of these citrus essential oils prepared by distillation they will occur.

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